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Welcome to the MTF 65 Camp (New Dates!)

Do you have a young rider on a 65 who loves motocross? Why not get him or her started the best possible way by learning the correct riding techniques right from the beginning? And there’s no better way than by attending one of our popular 65 camps. These week long camps are designed for 65 riders only and will cover everything they need to ride faster and most importantly, safer.

Your coach for these 65 camps will be Colleen Millsaps and her staff. Their goal will be to cover all the fundamentals of riding. However, particular attention will be paid to perfecting your child’s cornering technique since this is where most young riders can separate themselves from the pack. Combine Colleen’s coaching, her passion for seeing each rider succeed and an intense, rigorous program and we have everything necessary to improve your child’s skills and confidence on a track.

The cost of the 65cc camp is $1200

This includes 5 half days of on-track instruction, introduction to stretching and conditioning each day in our fitness center, video review sessions, individual mental skills coaching and a complete experience of how the top amateurs train today. You'll arrive Sunday afternoon and train through midday Friday. We plan to offer these 65 only camps at the same time as some of our One Week camps, typically in cooler months.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your space. Once the online form is submitted you will be contacted by MTF for balance payment & general information. The balance is due by the first day of camp.

Please note we do not offer refunds. If you are unable to attend your camp due to injury you may reschedule as space allows.

Some camps may require a minimum number of participants.

2017 65cc Camp Dates

Nov 26 -Dec 1, 2017

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MTF 65 Camp Testimonials

Hayzley #850 attended your 65 camp last weekend. I had to share this video with you to show you the positive impact you had on her at training camp. We would love the opportunity to train more with you. She also rode her 85 in the Junior Girls 9-15 and placed 2nd. Your techniques worked and she is excelling. Thank you very much.

Just wanted to drop you a note my son was john#22 in the 65 camp. What a blast we had.john loved every minute of it. Brian was just great with the kids. He treated each kid to their own skill level.john really liked him. Hopefully john can put what he learned to use this race season! The best lesson he learned was not to judge people from what you here in themedia or see on utube. He said colleen was a fantastic coach and very nice.when we left on saturday within 10 minutes he asked when are we coming back!! Thanks again hope we can come back it was AWESOME!

If you have any questions regarding these camps, please contact us at You should receive a reply within 24 hours, or please call 1 229-377-8502

What is the cost for the 65 camp?
The camp fee of $1200 includes five mornings on track, afternoon fitness, evening lectures on safety and nutrition, mental skills coaching one-on-one and two video review sessions. All meals are included as well as a full written report at the end of camp.

Do parents need to stay during the camp?
A parent or named guardian must remain at MTF during the entire camp. If a parent can't attend, the parent must complete, sign and have notarized the "parental consent/healthcare surrogate form (specified person)" see link below. In addition, every participant must have a signed and notarized release form. Every visitor to MTF must sign the "Release Form" and every camp participant or minor visitor (under 18) must complete the "Release Form Minor". This minor release form should also be signed by a parent in the presence of a notary. If you will be absent for any period of time during the camp then you must sign, in the presence of a notary, the "Parental Consent/Healthcare Surrogate Designation". This form allows you to have a friend or family member make health care decisions and sign any necessary forms with your consent. This person must remain at MTF for the duration of the entire camp. We do have a notary available at the facility. Please do not mail them to us but bring them with you when you come to MTF.

Required Liability Forms can be found here:
MTF Release Form (Adult)

MTF Release Form (Minor)

Parental Consent/Healthcare Surrogate Designation (specified person)

Designation of Minor Child's Health Care Surrogate (MTF designated)

What is the student/instructor ratio?
The student instructor ratio is always 9:1 or less.

How fast do I need to be?
You can be any speed but this camp is for 65cc bikes only. Sorry, no 50 riders!

How often do we ride?
You will ride Monday-Friday.

Do we ride at the same time annual members do?
No, you will train only with the riders in the camp. No big bikes zooming around.

Do I need to bring equipment and bikes?
We ask that you bring your own equipment and two bikes if you have them.. Please make sure they are in good operable condition before arriving (sprockets, tires, levers etc..)

May I watch the training?
We encourage parents to watch every minute of your child's training so that you know exactly what they are trying to accomplish. We want the parents to be students as much, if not more so, than the children.

Is there a mechanic?
We have a full Race Pro Shop onsite. Work is done on a fee basis and all repairs can be handled.

Is there bike service available?
Yes, MTF will perform basic bike cleaning and maintenance at a cost of $45.00 per day per bike. Parts and fluids are extra. Please request this in the Race Pro Shop when you arrive.

Do the riders workout in the fitness center?
Yes they will wo5rk out each day. However our trainers will make sure that we don't overload the young 65 riders and the work out sessions are as much about showing them what to do as actually improving their fitness.

What about accommodation?
We will likely not have any hook up available during the camps. You may park your RV at MTF or there are local hotels close by. Our bunkhouses are not available for 65 camps.

Is food supplied for me?
All meals are provided Monday breakfast to Friday breakfast. All other meals are the responsibility of the parent

What if I get hurt and can't attend?
We do not offer refunds however we will move you to any other camp within 12 months of your injury.

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