Jul 31, 2018


Final motos were completed Saturday at the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National at Hurricane Mills, TN. MTF riders won three national championships and five others finished on top of the podium.

Leading the way with a dominating sweep of all his motos was Tennessean native Nate Thrasher. He won all six of his motos in the two Supermini classes and never once had trailed, setting fastest lap times almost every moto.

The other title winner was Parker Mashburn who won the 450B Limited class after two moto wins and a strategic 2nd in the 3rd moto. Parker also took 4th overall in 450B to round off a great week for the Texan.

Pierce Brown took 2nd in both 250B and Schoolboy 2. He was the fastest rider all week and won three motos but small mistakes cost him the title in both classes.

Tristan Lewis also finished on the podium in both of his classes, taking 2nd in 250B and 3rd in 450B.

Matt LeBlanc took 3rd overall in the Supermini 2 class in a solid week of racing.

Top 5 results were obtained by Mason Gonzales (Schoolboy 2), Dirco Van der Westhiuzen (450B), Parker Mashburn (250B), Brad Smith (Junior 25 plus), Myles Gilmore (Mini Sr 2), and Matt LeBlanc (Supermini 1).


South African native Dirco Van der Westhuizen has improved his finishes at Loretta's each time he's attended (this is his 3rd straight). A 5th place today in the 450B class marks his highest finish ever following two top 10's last year. No doubt he is one to watch for the future.

Myles Gilmore likewise improved on last year's two top 10's with a 6th in the Mini Sr 1 class. He will be disappointed after starting with a win but a 6th will also put him amongst the best in his class. Myles added a 5th place finish in the Mini Sr 2 class.

Pierce Brown battled and fought with Jalek Swoll but a 5th in moto 2 cost him the title in the Schoolboy 2 class even though he won the 3rd moto today. Pierce will settle for 2nd despite posting the fastest lap times in each of the three motos. It was the same story for Pierce in the 250B class where moto finishes of 3,2,1 were good for only 2d, again behind Jalek.

Also in Schoolboy 2 Parker Mashburn took a 4th overall with finishes of 8, 4, 5. Parker will be gearing up for the 450B Limited class tomorrow in which he has two wins.

Mason Gonzales took 5th overall in Schoolboy 2 after moto finishes of 5th, 4th and 6th.

All remaining championships will be decided tomorrow.


Second motos continued Thursday and the following riders either solidified their standings or jumped back in contention for a solid overall finish.

Brad Smith improved by one place on his 5th in moto 1 of the Junior 25 plus class and sits in 4th overall. It will be tough to win the title but a podium is right there for the taking.

Myles Gilmore bounced back from a 16th in moto 1 with a 4th in moto 2 of the Mini Sr 2 class. He can get a top 5 with a solid 3rd moto.

In 250B Pierce Brown took 2nd and is in 2nd overall behind Jalek Swoll. Jarrett Frye has a 4th and 3rd in the class and lies in 3rd overall. Stranger things have happened than for him to steal this title away from the two favorites.

In the 125 (B,C) class Gage Linville got on the box today with a 2nd place finish following a 16th in moto 1. He's in 5th with a real chance at an overall podium.

Parker Mashburn has won both 450B Limited motos although Devin Simonson is right behind him (2,2) setting up a good 3rd moto race for Saturday. In the same class Tristan Lewis has ridden solidly for 3rd and 4th and he will eying a podium finish as well.

Finally in Supermini 2 Nate Thrasher has won both of his motos so far and will be the favorite to take the championship in this, as well as Supermini 1. Matt LeBlanc sits in fourth place overall after moto finishes of 7th and 4th.

Third and final motos for each class begin Friday morning and continue through Saturday.


First motos concluded today and Nate Thrasher again put his bike on top of the podium, this time in the Supermini 1 class. He had already won moto 1 in the Supermini 2 class late last night. In the same class Crockett Myers took 5th and Matt LeBlanc 7th.

In 250B Limited Tristan Lewis finished 5th and still has a shot at championship.

Second motos also began today and Dirco Van Der Westhiuzen added a 4th to his 7th and sits in 4th place overall with one moto remaining.

Myles Gilmore however dropped back to 6th overall with a 11th place finish in moto 2 of Mini Sr 2.

In Schoolboy 2 Pierce Brown took 5th in moto 2 after his win yesterday (4th overall) and it's shaping up to be a dogfight between him and Jalek Swoll currently in 1st place. Mason Gonzales also has an outside shot at the title with moto finishes of 4th and 5th for 5th overall.

And here's an update on Carter Halpain for those of you who don't know. Carter crashed in practice Monday and suffered a dislocated shoulder ruling him out for the week.

Second motos continue tomorrow...


Loretta's got under way Tuesday and by 7:00pm twenty two motos were completed. 

Moto winners for MTF were Myles Gilmore (Mini Sr 1), Pierce Brown (Schoolboy 2), Parker Mashburn (450 B Limited) and Nate Thrasher (Supermini 2).

Others who secured a top 5 position in the first motos and remain firmly in the championship conversation were Mason Gonzales (5th in Schoolboy 2), Pierce Brown and Jarrett Frye (3rd and 4th 250B) and Tristan Lewis (3rd 450B Limited).

First motos continue tomorrow at 7:30am

Live timing here

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