Nov 21, 2018

Congratulations to Jarrett Frye who won 5 out of 6 championships this week (2 SX, 3 MX). Full list of MX winners and podium finishers.

1st: 3 Frye, Jarrett (250B, 450B, Schoolboy 2)
        2 Thrasher, Nate (Schoolboy 1, 125 12-17)
        1 Van Der Westhuizen, Dirco (450B limited)
         1 Halpain, Carter (250A)

2nd: 1 Linville, Gage (Schoolboy 1)
         2 Wood, Thomas (65 10-11, 65 7-11)
         1 Gilmore, Myles (85 12-13 Limited)
         1 Van Der Westhuizen, Dirco (Collegeboy)
         1 Halpain, Carter (250 Pro Sport)

3rd: 1 Wood, Thomas (65 10-11 Limited)
         1 Gilmore, Myles (Mini Sr 12-15)
         1 Mashburn, Parker (450A)

In Motocross at the Winter Olympics both motos count towards the overall so anybody outside of the top 5 has an uphill battle for a title. That said the following MTF riders are within striking distance when 2nd motos begin tomorrow.

Carter Halpain (2nd 250A, 4th 450A, 4th 450 pro Sport)

Pierce Brown (1st 450 pro Sport, 3rd 250 pro Sport, 5th 450A)

Parker Mashburn (1st 450A, 5th 250A)

Jarrett Frye (2nd 450B and 250B and, 1st Schoolboy 2)

Dirco Van Der Westhuizen (1st College Boy and 450 B limited, 3rd 450B)

Camo Mitchell (4th 450B limited, 5th 450B and 5th 250B Limited)

Mason Gonzalez (2nd Schoolboy 2 and 4th 250B)

Nate Thrasher (4th Schoolboy 2 and 1st Schoolboy 1, 1st 125 12-17)

Gage Linville (2nd Schoolboy 1)

Crockett Myers (2nd and 4th Supermini 1 and 2)

Myles Gilmore (1st 85 12-13 Limited, 3rd Mini Sr 12-13)

Noah Smerdon (3rd 85 9013, 4th 85 12-13)

Thomas Wood (2nd, 3rd and 4th in 65 7-11, 65 10-11 and 65 10-11 limited).

Good luck to everyone!



Wednesday Supercross Update:

MTF riders added five more championships to the two they won Tuesday in the SX portion of Mini-O's

Nate Thrasher won the 125 (12-17 B/C) championship (in the same race Gage Linville came in 3rd).

Pierce Brown won the 250A and 450 Pro Sport titles (taking 2nd in the 450A class as well) while Jarrett Frye picked up another championship in the 450B class.

And Crockett Myers set the fastest lap time on his way to the Supermini 2 class title.

Carter Halpain took 2nd in the 450 Pro Sport class behind Pierce while Dirco Van Der Westhuizen took 2nd in the College Boy (16-24) class.

In the 60cc classes Thomas Wood took two 4ths and5th and Noah Smerdon took 4th in the 85 (9-13) class.

MX practice is underway and racing will begin later today.

Supercross mains began Tuesday and Gage Linville and Jarrett Frye have won championships in the Schoolboy 1 and 2 respectively.

For Gage it will be the sweetest of wins after not having won a Mini O's title since 2012 when he was a dominant force on a 50cc.

Jarrett adds to his career title haul at the Winter Olympics having won three championships last year and another back in 2013.

They and others will have another go at titles tomorrow as SX wraps up and MX practice begins.

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