Full Time Training

MTF offers a year round training program designed to give you the opportunity to progress through to the professional level. Training with us full time will give you every advantage there is. Here’s how it works:

Your training will be under the direction of Colleen Millsaps herself, along with assistants specifically trained in her proven methods. Her technical knowledge and passion for coaching are the best in the industry.

Full year round riding will allow us to structure your training throughout the year to ensure you are at your fastest at the most important times, the Nationals and Winter-Ams. You will not need to learn new riding skills the week before a National, nor will you ever be over trained or burned out.

Your conditioning training will similarly be under the direction of expert trainers who will individualize your program. You will be at your peak cardio efficiency and strength at exactly the right time.

We utilize video analysis to aid in your technical development. Nutrition counseling is provided so that you learn the correct eating and hydration habits.

There is a fully equipped mechanics workshop with full bike support services available.

Combine this state of the art training with our outstanding facility offering world class tracks, a state of the art gym and mechanics area and full service bunkhouse and we have a program unrivaled anywhere in the world. And the great Southern Georgia weather is just an extra bonus.

The training year begins in September and runs through the end of Loretta's although we sometimes have spaces beginning in January. Availability is limited so contact us now and make the MTF advantage yours.

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Full Time MTF Rider Jordon Smith

FULL TIME ANNUAL FEE (2018-2019) $20,000

Our training year begins September 17, 2018 and ends at Loretta Lynn's Amateur National in early August, 2019.

If you choose to stay in a motorhome at MTF we provide full hookup facilities (there is an $1100 annual electric surcharge). Alternatively you can rent a private cabin or house nearby.

Looking for a shorter stay? Check out our extended stay camps which offer training of 3-7 weeks.

For registration information or to ask about our waiting list, contact You should receive a prompt reply or please call 1-229-377-8502

Colleen Millsaps, Owner and Director of Coaching

Originally from St. Cloud near Orlando, Colleen is the owner of MTF and has developed the program to where it is now. She has been coaching top level riders for over 20 years and has guided many, including Justin Barcia, Kyle Peters, Joey Savatgy, Bryan Johnson, Austin Stroop, Gavin Faith and of course Davi, into the professional ranks. She combines her superior technical knowledge with a strong desire to see everyone excel.

Bryan Johnson Jr., Head Trainer
Bryan is 30 years old and has been a trainer with MTF for 11 years. A former factory support pro rider Bryan draws on his experience to help develop riders for top level racing. As a rider he was taught by Colleen and is thoroughly familiar with her training methods. He shares her philosophy for rider development and has been instrumental in the growth and success of MTF.

Tony, Fitness Director
Tony is a 30 year veteran of the US Navy and spent 27 years within Naval Special Warfare. He has extensive experience in strength and conditioning in this highly distinguished and exclusive environment. He has created a unique fitness program in which all training combines intense physical fitness with mental focus exercises. Furthermore, Tony has implemented his philosophies of leadership and maturity which lead to the personal growth of each rider.

Both our on track and off track training is based on the model of structured training  where the intensity, frequency and volume of training exercises are varied during different times of the year. These stages depend upon when your most important races occur. For instance, we avoid heavy strength training in the weeks before a National. Likewise, the time to introduce new riding skills is earlier in the training year to allow time for them to become well learned.

You will receive a technical, physical and mental skills training program individually tailored to your needs and based around your own race schedule.


Physical Fitness for all sports is crucial for strength, stamina and endurance to enable an athlete to excel in the conduct of their ‘sport’. It is without doubt the Motocross athletes require the most intensive training for overall conditioning. Like all sports, training an athlete, physically, mentally and “spiritually”, in preparation for competitive environment requires total discipline and commitment to compete at the highest level.

Every athlete has the capability to excel and succeed. Skill sets, natural abilities, discipline and dedication to their sport, must be a ‘way of life’ in order for them to contend with their peers and competitors.

At Millsaps Training Facility (MTF), we’ve combined various training methods to enhance each individual MX rider. Philosophy of the athletic/fitness program requires an individual’s responsibility and accountability for overall state of fitness.

Strength, cardio, stamina, endurance and flexibility are areas of fitness that must be established to completely develop an athlete.

In addition to our fitness philosophy…emphasis is imparted to each individual to be accountable for their hydration, nutrition, flexibility and rest and recovery. Without this level of dedication and discipline no amount of “talent” will produce consistent and successful results.


Preventative Injury and Rehabilitation is an important facet of an athlete’s ability to return back to the ‘track’. The athlete returning back to the track too soon, due to physical injury; a bone break, ligament/tendon tear or a head concussion…only positions them for future failures.

Each athlete/rider goes through our “Physio” protocols for physical rehabilitation, which entails vision and vestibular therapy-training for concussion related effects. We utilize the “Light-board” and “Visual Projection” screen training aids for developing hand and eye coordination, increasing reactionary times, develops balance, concentration and focus.

Additionally, in our Physio room, we have the magnetic Beemer mat and attachments for circulation and enhanced recovery of physical injuries. ‘Marc Pro’ for electrical pulse stimulation for muscle recovery and preventative muscle atrophy. Athletes use the ‘Thera Gun’ for intense, deep muscle massage therapy and muscle pliability to loosen intense spasms and to release lactic acid buildup.

MTF strives to enhance an athletes' Track and Fitness training, Safety and Rehabilitation program to maintain the overall health and conditioning for each individual athlete. The fullfilment of each individual rider, to train smart, train hard and train consistently will generate successful outcomes; to develop and instill confidence to achieve more challenging environments on the track.

The Bemer Pad is state of the art technology that uses a Pulsing Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) to carry a unique signal through the body that increases the body’s circulation on a microvessel level. This increased circulation ensures more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all areas of the body, as well as increased removal of metabolic wastes such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Just a few minutes twice a day lying on the full body pad, or using the smaller applicators, delivers the benefits necessary for optimal recovery.

Using the Bemer Pad and its applicators, we are able to reduce the recovery time between intense exercise bouts, as well as reduce the effects and recovery time of chronic and acute injuries.


The motocross world has been playing catch-up with mainstream sports regarding concussion treatment and rehabilitation. Here at MTF we’d like to help change that. We’ve teamed up with visual coordination and vestibular experts to develop a rehabilitation protocol designed to help the brain recover from concussions, as well as increase cognitive performance and coordination.

Using a balance board, head sensor and hand controls, the rider’s full-body coordination is tested with challenging visual programs that require simultaneous fine motor control and balance. Varying levels of difficulty may be selected to improve performance once concussion symptoms have subsided.

To receive a Full Time Training Prospectus or to ask about our waiting list email us at You should receive a prompt reply or please call 1-229-377-8502
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